Montessori Toys

Montessori Toys are building the foundation for effective early learning through play. Developed with the Montessori method at their basis, this exclusive toy range leads upon the need to offer children a hands-on learning experience, through both solo interaction and collaborative play.
The Montessori method was popularised by its namesake, Italian physician Maria Montessori. Now acknowledged as a comprehensive approach towards early education, the idea behind the method is that children learn more successfully via self-guided experimentation. As such, Montessori toys are focused upon being instantly engaging, approachable, and rewarding. This pattern of self-discovery sparks a natural inquisition towards further learning, as children continue to grow.
Our Montessori toys are ideal for toddlers to discover and learn via tactile interaction. These toys can unleash their inner creativity through craft and easel sets.  Better still, classic games are ideal for the entire family to unleash the power of the Montessori method.