pregnancy during covid 19

Pregnancy has always been one of the most beautiful periods of a women's life. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the women’s worry for pregnancy and childbirth has reached another level which is worrisome for not only the baby but the mother as well. Your stress and increasing emotional mirage may lead to threatening not only your life but your unborn child’s life as well. 

Emotional dilemma:

The pregnant females have been affected in previous epidemics but the possibility of Covid-19 transmission from women to a child has not been answered by the researchers or doctors with great satisfaction yet. The level of fear and anxiety among pregnant females is valid; it is increasing with the increasing cases of covid-19 affected people. You might wonder if the Covid-19 might complicate your pregnancy or the rate of death in pregnant women who are affected by the pandemic and the fear of uncertainty of vaccination and its effectiveness in pregnant females.

Does Covid-19 affect pregnant females?

The studies that have been conducted about coronavirus affecting pregnant females yet, show no such indication that if you are pregnant then you are most likely to get affected by a coronavirus. On the other hand, researchers and paramedical staff spread awareness that pregnant females are at the most vulnerable period of their life which means that their immune system is not that strong to protect the body against such pandemics. The one thing you can do is to take care by preventing unnecessary interactions to avoid Covid-19 as much as possible. 

Covid-19 transmission from mother to child:

Since the Coronavirus pandemic came into existent, there has been no such case where the child might receive Covid-19 from the mother's body. Therefore you need not stress over the transmission of covid-19 to your baby. No birth defects have been recorded due to the pandemic as well. But just for your assurance, you can go for a routine checkup through an ultrasound mechanism in case you are infected with the virus. 

Risk of complications due to Covid-19:

You are not at the risk of severe complications due to coronavirus but if you are suffering from a severe coronavirus situation, then your body might push the baby for preterm birth through C-section delivery. Try to avoid unnecessary interactions during the pandemic as it is dangerous for non-pregnant females but more threatening for pregnant females.

Should you receive vaccination during pregnancy?

The vaccination against coronavirus will not adversely impact your pregnancy, rather it will protect your body when it is at the most vulnerable period of your life. The vaccination, however, is given by measuring the extent of pregnancy requirement to cover both you and your child's immunity against coronavirus.

Delivery in hospitals during a pandemic:

Hospitals have become dangerous for pregnant females to go for delivery. Some hospitals make sure that the paramedical staff dealing with covid-19 patients are kept under great scrutiny to protect the rest of the staff from dealing with critical situations like accidents or labor. Therefore, make sure to search for the right hospital that has the appropriate methods to deal with pregnant females.

Protection gear during delivery:

Due to the pandemic situation, the hospitals have updated the policies during the labor or delivery of newborn babies. You have to wear a mask while you are not in your confinement. The person dealing with you before and after labor in the hospital will also wear a mask, gloves and ensure the protective gear is intact while interacting with you. 

What do you need to do during your pregnancy in a Coronavirus situation?  

For precautionary purposes, you should follow the advice and rules set forward by your governmental committees. This refers to instructions like avoid crowded or rush areas, maintain social distancing while interacting during shopping or other purposes, and avoid interacting with people who appear to show symptoms like fever, body pain, or more relatable Covid symptoms. Try to exercise during your pregnancy period to keep yourself active and boost your energy level. You can also attend your appointments with your doctor under careful conditions. If you are in your early stages of pregnancy, try to avoid any kind of unwanted interaction which may result in coronavirus spreading from the host’s body to you. There are some tips that you can follow during the pandemic situation;

  • Follow the guidelines for maintaining social distancing and also use face masks along with gloves to protect yourself.
  • Do not interact with those individuals who appear to have coronavirus symptoms.
  • During your pregnancy, try to drink more liquid to stay hydrated it will also reduce the risk of blood clotting and prevent unwanted harmful impacts.
  • Try to participate in regular exercise or other light activities to keep yourself active.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet by avoiding greasy food, take more vitamin D supplements along with folic acid. 
  • You can attend your appointments and scans as per your doctor's instructions unless the situation is well-handled. In case the clinic or hospital has increasing cases of Coronavirus patients then try to consult with your doctor before taking any step.
  • Contact your doctor for any problem during the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent any mishap beforehand.   

Will Covid-19 affect the birth of a baby?

The coronavirus has not yet shown symptoms of affecting the child's birth as it is for miscarriage. While you shouldn't be too concerned about miscarriage, you need to work on is your emotional dilemma and stressful condition. Your stress and anxiety might be the building cause for miscarriage in the early stages and therefore try to meditate or eat healthy to prevent any mishaps. Scientific researchers have conducted studies that indicate that the pandemic has not lead to miscarriage but preterm birth. The mothers who are affected by the coronavirus have given birth to the babies before the expected time. Most of the cases lead to the C-section delivery method as the virus impacts the immune system of the mother’s body under such vulnerable conditions. The rate of miscarriage was almost negligible but the most highlighted cause was the mother’s anxiety and stress.

Final words:

In general, you have to be careful during your pregnancy especially if you are in your first trimester. You are more prone to getting affected by covid-19 as your immunity is at its weakest during this period. However, you need not worry about miscarrying your baby, most cases involve early childbirth in this situation. Great fun toys at the best prices!

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